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Gear / Shooting Bag

We encourage each shooter to have a shooting bag containing all of their gear in one convenient and accessible place.   Any old duffle bag also works great.

The following are suggested items that each shooter may want in have in their shooting bag, as well as, some typical examples found at Brownells and/or Cabela's:

1)  Eye protection: Eye and ear protection should be worn at all times on the range.

2)  Ear protection:  Eye and ear protection should be worn at all times on the range.

3)  Shooting Vest:  This is issued to each shooter by the club.  However, some shooters prefer a shooting pouch in addition to the vest.

4)  Choke Tubes and Wrench:  This is gun specific equipment.  The most commonly used choke tubes are modified and skeet.  A case holding the tubes in a single place is convenient.

5)  Rubber Bands: This is primarily only for shooters with semi-auto shotguns to be used as a shell catcher.

6)  Cleaning Kit with a Bore Snake:  Clean equipment is safe equipment.

7)  Shells: This is gun specific equipment.  Shooters may not use shot larger than 7.5 or smaller than 9.  One ounce shells are recommended for 12 ga and 7/8 for 20 ga.

8) Shooting Towel:  For those warmer days to help stay cool on the range.  Any small towel will work great.

9)  Moist Wipes:  Moist wipes for hand cleaning after shooting.


10) Shotgun:  It is most important that a student uses a shotgun that fits properly.  Coaches may help in guidance for gun fit.  Gas operated semi-auto, inertia driven, over/under or pump shotguns may be used by student athletes.  12 or 20 gauges are recommended.

A survey of shotgun choices for youth shooters is provided by the following link.


Shotguns with an external hammer may not be used.  Shotguns must have a functioning safety installed on the correct side for the handedness of the shooter.


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