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Trap Results

Knoxville Trap 4/27/17 

Ladies Rookie

1st place Erin Mathes

Ladies Intermediate Entry

3rd place Josey Ridley

Ladies Jr Varsity

1st place Grace Eisenbarth

Ladies Senior Varsity

2nd place Cheyanna Sheaffer

3rd place Kennedy Vandevoort

Men’s Rookie

1st place Ian Beyer

2nd place Fisher Cyza

3rd place Conner Westercamp

Men’s Jr Varsity

3rd place Cameron Westercamp

Rookies Squad

1st place ( Ian Beyer, Fisher Cyza, Collin Sundby, Nathan Hugen & Conner Westercamp )

Intermediate Entry Squad 

3rd place ( Alec VandeNoord, Keaton Ryken, Cooper Vos, Nathan Dunsbergen & Deacon Yeoman )

Senior Varsity Squad

3rd place ( Hunter Sheaffer, Cheyanna Sheaffer, Luke Schemm, Sydney Boot & John Vander Werff )

Pella Christian Trap 4/29/2017

Mens Intermediate Entry

1st place Alec VandeNoord

3rd place Nathan Dunsbergen

Ladies Intermediate Entry 

2nd place Josey Ridley 

Ladies intermediate Advanced

2nd place Haley Starmer

Ladies Junior Varsity

2nd place Grace Eisenbarth

Intermediate Entry Squad

1st place ( Alec Vande Noord, Keaton Ryken, Nathan Dunsbergen, Dan Start, Deacon Yeoman )

Junior Varsity Squad 

2nd place ( Cameron Westercamp, Tyler Sterk, John Fetty, Aaron Hardine, Grace Eisenbarth )

Marion County 5/18/2017

1st Rookie Men- Conner Westerkamp
1st Rookie Lady- Erin Mathes
1st Rookie Squad- Collin Sundby, Erin Mathes, Ian Beyer, Conner Westerkamp, Fisher Cyza
3rd Intermediate Entry Squad-Alec Vande Noord, Keaton Ryken , Cooper Vos, Nathan Dunsbergen, Deacon Yeoman
2nd JV Lady- Grace Eisenbarth

Montezuma Trap 5/20/2017

2nd place Rookie Squad- Collin Sundby, Fisher Cyza, Ian Beyer, Connor Westerkamp, Nathan Hugan

3rd place Rookie Men- Connor Westerkamp
2nd Place Intermediate Entry squad- Alec Vande Noord, Keaton Ryken, Nathan Dunsbergen, Ben Bartles, Deacon Yeoman
3rd Intermedaite Entry Men- Keaton Ryken
1st Intermediate Advance Men- Noah Seelye
1st JV Men- Camren Westerkamp
2nd Intermediate Advance Lady- Elizabeth Eisenbarth
1st JV Lady- Grace Eisenbarth
3rd Varsity Lady- Sydney Boot

State Trap Meet June 7-11

Congratulations to those who placed at Doubles trap-
 1st place IE Lady- Josey Ridley
  4th place IE Lady - Gabby Steiner - tied for 3rd- shoot off- placed 4th. 
  3rd place IE Men- won shoot off- Alec Vande Noord
 1st Place Rookie team- Ian Beyer, Fisher Cyza, Nathan Hugen, Erin Mathes, Collin Sundby

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