Pella Shooting Team

Promoting Firearm Safety Through Team Based Clay Target Shooting

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What is the cost for participating in the club?   Fundraising and donations have greatly helped to defer the cost to club members.  There is a moderate fee and a vest deposit to participate in the club.


2) Do I need to have prior shooting experience to participate? No.  All shooting levels are welcome and everyone starts with basic firearm safety, gun handling, and shooting techniques.


3) Do you recommend a particular type of shotgun action?  It is most important that a student uses a shotgun that fits properly.  Coaches may help in guidance for gun fit.   Gas operated semi-auto, inertia driven, over/under, or pump shotguns may be used by the student athletes.  12 or 20 gauges are recommended.  


Shotguns with an external hammer may not be used.  Shotguns must have a functioning safety installed on the correct side for the handedness of the shooter.


4) Do you recommend a particular gauge of shotgun? 12 or 20 gauges are recommended.  


5) Where do you practice?  We practice at Big Springs Shooting Complex. 


6) When is your season?  We begin with initial safety meetings in late February and end with state competitions in mid-June.

7)  Do you have certified/trained coaches?  Yes.  All of our coaches have been certified through the Iowa DNR Basic Shotgun Coach Certification Program

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