Pella Shooting Team

Promoting Firearm Safety Through Team Based Clay Target Shooting

Organized target shooting provides student athletes lifelong skills like firearm safety, teamwork, respect for others and self-discipline.

Safety Rules

Safety Checklist for Iowa High School and SCTP Shooting Events
*Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction
*Always keep your gun unloaded with actions open until you are on station preparing to shoot
*Always keep fingers off the trigger until ready to shoot
* When moving with an empty gun w/ actions open, muzzles should be pointed down
* Eye and ear protection are required of all shooters and field personnel
* Barrels shall not be rested on any part of the foot
* Test firing is not permitted at any time
* Tracking of targets with a gun from behind the line is not permitted at any time
* In the instance of a ‘Cease Fire’, all guns shall be unloaded, actions open and the line cleared until the issue is resolved


Brought to you by Project ChildSafe



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Practice Information

Practices are each Monday at Big Springs Range and Each Wednesday & Friday at Black Oak Range

Check the featured events below for more information.


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